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What is a Bitcoin wallet?

The Bitcoin wallet is what allows you to send, receive and store cryptocurrency. Having a digital wallet is the most important part of using digital currencies. Think of digital wallets as the personal interface to the Bitcoin network, similar to how online bank accounts are an interface for the regular monetary system used today. BTC wallets contain both private and public keys that allow you to spend your digital currency online. It’s the private keys that are stored and secured to give you full access to your bitcoins. The cryptocurrency wallet is either an app, device, or website that manages the private keys of the Bitcoin user.

First things first...

Keep Your Private Keys Safe

It is important to keep you wallets and private keys safe in order to keep you digital assets safe and secure. Crypto investors are usually advised not to store huge amounts of crypto in their digital wallets for long periods of time. Sharing your public key is okay for receiving Bitcoin or crypto but do not ever give your private keys out or your security will be compromised!

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Types of Bitcoin wallets

If you plan on using Bitcoin, it is important to learn the different types of Bitcoin wallets. Once you know what types of wallets there are you will be able to decide which option is ideal for you.

Hardware Wallet

Hardware Wallet

Hot Wallet

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Paper Wallet

Paper Wallet

Can I recover a Lost Bitcoin Wallet?

One of the only ways to recover a lost bitcoin wallet or wallet password is a bitcoin wallet recovery seed. Your recovery seed will be a phrase of random words 12 to 24 words long. You can think of this as a backup password. Be sure to store your recovery seed in a safe place by printing it out and hiding it in your home.

Hardware Wallets

Bitcoin hardware wallets are a way to keep your Bitcoin private keys safe from any vulnerable or internet connected devices. All of your important keys are maintained in a secure offline environment on the hardware wallet. They are completely safe even when the device is plugged into a vulnerable device or internet connection. Since Bitcoin is digital, cyber-criminals from around the world can potentially target your computer’s software wallet and steal important information. By using a hardware wallet, you can store private keys offline, making them completely safe from hackers. To steal your private keys, the hacker or another person would need to steal the physical hardware wallet itself. 

Key Considerations For Bitcoin Hardware Wallets:

✓  These wallets are not free.
✓  Easy to use and securely store Bitcoins.
✓  Less margin for error and easy setup.
✓  Allow you to backup private keys easily.

Hot Wallets

Hot wallets are the other type of Bitcoin wallet that runs off of internet connected devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers. A hot wallet generates private keys online connected to a device. Because of this, the private keys on a hot wallet are not considered 100% secure. Thinks of the hot wallet as your everyday wallet, you can use it to store cash, but you probably shouldn’t store your entire life savings in this wallet. Hot wallets are an ideal choice if you make frequent payments and are not looking for a secure storage unit for your Bitcoins.

Key Considerations For Bitcoin Hardware Wallets:

✓  Quickest and easiest way to store small amounts of digital currency.
✓  Faster for purchasing and receiving Bitcoin payments.
✓  Few Hot Wallets give access to funds across multiple devices.
✓  Free
✓  Not ideal for storing large sums of money. Better for day to day transactions.

Paper Wallets

A Paper bitcoin wallet or “cold storage” is simply a document that contains all the necessary information you need to generate your personal Bitcoin private keys. This wallet often takes the form of a piece of paper having QR code. This QR code can be scanned into the software wallet when needed. This digital wallet gives you the option to even store Bitcoins offline. Users have all the information they need to control and access digital currency. This is by far the strongest and best cold storage method available for Bitcoin users.Experts also recommend using the paper wallet so that you can have a physical backup of the private key. It is important that you generate this private key using a clean system, as well as, store it in a safe and secure deposit box. These are the best digital wallet options available today.

Key Considerations For Bitcoin Paper Wallets:

✓  Quickest and easiest way to store small amounts of digital currency.
✓  Faster for purchasing and receiving Bitcoin payments.
✓  Few Hot Wallets give access to funds across multiple devices.
✓  Not Free
✓  Not ideal for storing large sums of money. Better for day to day transactions.

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